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Creating value to Startups and SMEs expanding globally


About Us

InnoEU Innovation Platform was founded by global innovation organisations with headquarters in Berlin. The board members are from renowned organisations, from innovation networks to the government sector, from universities and research institutes to hidden high tech champions, from corporations to investors.
Our innovation partners are spread out all over the world, across 200 innovation organizations, 8,000 startups, 1,000 corporates, 50 universities and research centers, as well as a significant number of investors.
InnoEU covers many industries, including smart manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Biotech, Medtech, as well as Digitalization, IoT, AI, and FinTech.


Our Mission

​Share, coordinate, optimise and develop innovation resources globally.

Make the maximum for our partners from our global innovation network.

Be a global platform for innovation organisations and ecosystems.

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Our Philosophy

Innovative Globally

Different countries have different competitive advantages when it comes to innovation. InnoEU Innovation Platform aims to share innovation resources at a global level. InnoEU's primary goal is to enable innovators and innovative organisations to find excellent resources and partners globally.
China is a technology giant on the rise and has the capital to finance cutting edge technology. InnoEU supports its partners to establish collaborations in China. 
In a nutshell, InnoEU is dedicated to supporting innovative ideas and brilliant innovators of today become successful. We do this by offering support in areas such as regional marketing strategy, customized investment opportunities and establishing the relevant contacts to the government sector in the most relevant markets.


What we do

Today, the world is experiencing the 4th industrial revolution and new technologies impact our lives in new ways. This leads to an ever increasing pace of change in an interconnected world. In this context, startups are under extreme pressure to bring their products, technologies and services to the market much faster. Consequently, the internationalisation of any new business model needs to take place significantly faster than in the past. At the same time, corporations are constantly searching for new markets for their technologies. Investors are on the hunt for promising new opportunities, with low risk and high return.
InnoEU, together with its innovation partners from all sections, aims to bring all these elements together and create synergies for all the parties.


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1. Rosenstr. 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany
2. Room 508, Building A, No., 169, Shengxia Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China


Media & Events

Feb 28th 2018

InnoEU Participated in German Innovation Network INAM’s 2018 Kick-Off Event at Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, Germany

Mar 6th 2018

InnoEU Participated in the Opening Ceremony of Innovation Center Huai’An, China

May 14th~15th 2018

InnoEU, with its partners, Participated Cube Tech Fair in Berlin, Germany

Jun 20th 2018

InnoEU Attended the Battery Technology Event in Berlin, Germany

July 19th

InnoEU Co-organized Summit “Procurement and Industry 4.0” in Chengdu, China

Sep 7th 2018

InnoEU Attended Start Alliance Night in Berlin, Germany